Pullip Moer from DimMoire p-289

Pullip Moer from DimMoire p-289
Pullip Moer from DimMoire p-289 Pullip Moer from DimMoire p-289 Pullip Moer from DimMoire p-289

Moer from DimMoire

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Toimitusaika 10 - 30 työpäivää
Palautusoikeus 14 päivää

YAMIKAWA Gothic Collaboration Doll Appeared

 *https://dimmoire.shop/- Collaboration with "DimMoire", a fashion brand that develops "Clothes that make you want to show off" with a Gothic World View.- From popular their products that actually exist to products that are planned to be released in the future, clothes that are full of the brand's charm have been thoroughly reproduced in doll size.- The set-up bustier and skirt are cute items using velor fabric. The brand logo is printed on the chest of the bustier. Perfect compatibility with the attached Nurse Hair Accessories.- This time, the brand's upcoming release of the "Sheep Ear Boa Hoodie" will be reproduced in doll size ahead of time.- Leg warmers decorated with hooks, shoes with studs, and things that are particular about the feet.- The wig is a Blue Gray color with a wavy half-twin tail style. The makeup is finished in a dark color baed on black to match the overall atmosphere.

Feeling: By the time you're fascinated by this figure, it's already too late...You sleep with me in my arms...Feel Like So.


  • Nuken koko: 31 cm

Pullip on keräilynukke, jonka suositusikä on yli 15-vuotiaille.

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