Pullip Comet P-292

Pullip Comet P-292
Pullip Comet P-292 Pullip Comet P-292 Pullip Comet P-292 Pullip Comet P-292


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Toimitusaika 10 - 30 työpäivää
Palautusoikeus 14 päivää

Finally! A Collaboration Doll "Pullip" x " ha| za | ma" is now available!!
- A collaboration between fashion brands "ha | za| ma" and Pullip, which develops unique clothes with an original world view, has been realized.
- The One-Piece Dress and Mod Coat reproduced this time are produced based on the brand's new design. The brand's original night sky gradation print is applied. On the back of the Mod Coat, the brand logo mark is printed large as a special specification only for this collaboration.
- In the image of a shining star, beads and special buttons with the brand logo actually used for brand clothes are studded. The button design is different between the coat and the dress.
- Thorough reproduction of the brand's popular product "Heel pumps destined to be drawn" in doll size. An item with a heel in the shape of a hand.
- There are two types of accessories. Cap with Fang print, Hair clip with brand original button.
- Makeup is put together in colorful shades such as pink and yellow to create a fantastic atmosphere. The wig is a straight bob style. Finished in Pink color to match the makeup.


  • Nuken koko: 31 cm

Pullip on keräilynukke, jonka suositusikä on yli 15-vuotiaille.

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