Pullip Keres P-254

Pullip Keres  P-254
Pullip Keres  P-254 Pullip Keres  P-254 Pullip Keres  P-254


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Toimitusaika 10 - 30 työpäivää
Palautusoikeus 14 päivää

Introducing Pullip wearing a dark theme.
Keres with the motif of the Reaper is characterized by a large Scythe that is about the height.
When you take off cloak, you’ll transform into long silver hair and a navy lace dress.
The detachable gray vest has a skull pattern printed on the chain and a cute horror taste.
Makeup based on the cold color is a design that matches the concept well. The lower eyelids have a dubious blue
shadow on the white skin, surrounded by black eye shadows. The lower lashes are not black, but navy and brown.


  • Nuken koko: 31 cm

Pullip on keräilynukke, jonka suositusikä on yli 15-vuotiaille.

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